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We Help Create Revenue Without Hospital Resources

Telelink is an automated electronic billing and communication system that gathers daily data for patient’s bedside telecom services during their hospital stay. Rather than burdening hospital administrators with the tedious billing process of such services, UTC transfers the fees directly to the patient’s home telephone bill or credit card for collection.

Our system converts the raw hospital data and transmits it through the Telelink network to telephone and credit card companies throughout North America. With Telelink, your hospital can increase collection rates significantly.

UTC collects revenues and forwards them to the hospital, meanwhile handling all communication with patients regarding these charges. Telelink is a product that saves patients time and money while creating revenues for hospitals.

Hospital staff no longer has to handle patient complaints. Administration is no longer burdened with billing and collection, refunds or adjustments. Patients can reach a Telelink customer service representative 24/7 by phone. Patients can choose to pay for services with a credit card, on their home telephone bill, or online - whichever is most convenient for them.

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