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Who We Are

UTC provides a complete solution in regards to the development, implementation, and management of patient telephone and television rental programs. At UTC, we understand the importance of providing a high-quality patient experience in a cost effective manner. As an innovative leader in turn-key automation and billing collection services for hospital TVs and telephones, UTC can assist in making the hospital experience more positive for your patients while also helping your hospital create more value from its existing patient bedside amenities. Currently, UTC supports over 100 medical facilities across North America by providing telecom billing and collection services to over 1 million patients yearly, in addition to maintaining customer service assistance 24/7 for patients through our premier live-operator call center.

Find out how UTC’s automated Telelink billing system can assist your organization in building a more patient-friendly and convenient bedside rental program. Call us at 800.225.8352.


We Help Nurses Save Time

Telelink leads to a more productive and efficient nursing staff by eliminating the burden of taking time to explain the bedside telecom services and eliminating time spent on non-medical functions.

Telelink produces major advantages for nurses:

• Medical staff is free to devote its time to patient care
• Improves operational efficiencies of your staff
• Enhances patient satisfaction


We Help Produce Non-Medical Revenue

Telelink provides hospitals with newfound revenue. If your hospital
does not currently charge for bedside telecom services, this program
traditionally produces $600 - $800 per bed.

Telelink produces more net revenue:

• Net revenue means real revenue
• No expenses, no costs and no capital expenditures
• A complete turnkey system


We Help Improve the Patient Experience

Instructions for activating services appear on the TV's Welcome Channel. Patients can then choose payment options and services.

Telelink produces major advantages for patients:

• Telelink is patient friendly
• UTC operator assistance is available 24/7
• Revenue is distributed monthly

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